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Mexico is a North American Country, is mostly known for its climatic bliss and developed tourism. It is a modern country in terms of advanced infrastructure, civil lives and progressive ideology, but it is not at the cost of its cultural heritage. This country has preserved its cultural legacy and its geographical beauty. It has managed to attract tourists across the world and now known more for travel destination than anything else. There are several tourist destinations here, where a tourist not only enjoys the sight but also can have a thrilling experience of many adventurous games here.

Jalisco is one of the beautiful states of Mexico, which is known for its enjoyable tourist destinations like sea beaches, mountains and marine plays. This sight becomes more enjoyable with incredible climate of here that makes it special in many ways and people once came here, wish to come repeatedly. Government has also taken tourism very seriously here. Keeping in view, the tourists across the globe and many world famous five star hotels have been invited to do their business. Locals of Jalisco are also very co-operative to tourists coming here.

Many townships have been developed in a manner to look special and unique to the tourists, so they may enjoy the state to the fullest with nature and architecture both. This program is called ‘Pueblos Magico’ means towns of magic. One of them is tapalpa, where a visitor falls in love with the place. The world famous drink Tequila has a Mexican origin. There is a place called Tequila village in Jalisco, where tequila is made with a special type of cactus. In addition, there is a Lake Chapala known for beautiful sights.

In addition, Jalisco is famous for beautiful sea beaches; one of them is Puerto Vallarta. It is a town carrying hundreds of miles of Pacific coastline. Puerto Vallarta is famous for architectural advancements, especially red roofs of the houses. One of the beautiful beaches at this place is Conchas Chinas. It is situated in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta. Conchas Chinas is named after the special type of sea shells found here. Conchas means shells and Chinas means Chinese, means the Chinese shell. Tourists have been attracted to reach here for several years. Few of international celebrities loved it so much that they have owned their bungalows here. Afterwards it became a trend to get a resort for internationally known people. There are also good arrangements to stay at this place for visitors. Hotel rooms providing Pacific Ocean view from windows are preferred to occupy. There are lot more things to be enjoyed here along with the special local and continental cuisine.

Conchas Chinas is heaven for adventure and fun loving people; they offer vacation home rentals for many people. The vacation rentals are ideal place to stay. There are many activities like sea fishing, diving, surfing, extreme sports, sailing etc. Also there are cultural centre and museums to visit the. There are many sports events organized here time to time. Spas are the main relaxing centre for the people tired of different sports. Hotels usually organize night parties for the tourists coming from different countries. The best part of this place is its beautiful sunny weather. Golden sun rays falling on the green colored overlapping sea waves gives a heavenly feeling to the viewer.