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Find the perfect vacation rentals by owner for your next family getaway. Decide on the best vacation rental property that fits your requirements by carefully comparing the responses you get from the home owners. Find no-service-fee, no-booking-fee rentals by owners to book directly with real home owners and managers.

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Top vacation home rentals

Explore the best vacation home rentals in Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Orlando, the Florida Keys, and discover a premier selection of villas, homes, cabins, condos, cottages, and islands that are great for vacations. While you're at it, see also what the local area has to offer.

Vacation Home Rentals

Book the best vacation rental properties from the real owners in top beach destinations and resort areas and save up to 20% on rental rates. A1 Vacation Homes provides easy search tools, trusted reviews, recent photos, and last-minute deals. Some of the world's most unique vacation rental by owner are listed with us. Most of the properties are listed directly by the owner, bypassing the middleman and saving you money.

Find a vacation home as per your choice and check out the rates, amenities, and availability. Read guest reviews to learn what past guests have to say about the units you are considering and to get the best deals. Make your inquiries for holiday rentals around the world. It is best to contact a few rental owners and get the answers you need before deciding which one to go with. Find apartments, oceanfront condos, beach villas, or houses to rent without a service fee. You do not need to leave all the comforts of home when going on vacation. A rental property provides all of the space and amenities you require while still allowing you the privacy you require at home.

Best Vacation Rentals by Owner

We are an independent vacation rental by owner online directory offering thousands of vacation homes, villas, apartments, and cabins worldwide. It's a platform for owners to rent out holiday rental properties to potential travelers around the world. Find great beach vacation condo rentals or mountain cabins for rent in popular ski destinations. Rent a single-family home rental or Caribbean beach vacation villas in the Bahamas, Jamaica, or Puerto Rico. While you plan your vacations, the most important thing should be accommodation. Our site offers you comfortable and luxurious holiday rentals so that you can spend your vacations in your comfort zone. Don’t waste your time; book the one that perfectly suits your dreams and budget. Find vacation rental by owners or list your rental property with us. Your dream vacation destination is waiting for you to visit. Don't wait any longer to take your next vacation.

What A1VacationHomes Truly Do for Vacationers?
Without any doubt, we can say that we are one of the best online directory that offers the broad list of vacation accommodations which are available for rent in different locations worldwide. It is extremely easy to find an ideal home, luxury villa rentals, apartment according to your requirements. Assume, wherever you wish to go, simply fill the necessary details such as the location name, check-in or check-out date and members including you going for vacations. After that click on the search button, you will get to see the numerous wonderful vacation accommodations along with their information. Choose the best rental property which perfectly suits your needs then contact owner by sending email or call them on their phone number.

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To find luxury home rentals or affordable holiday rentals in popular destinations or not so popular destinations. The best thing about our site is, we do not charge any service/booking fee. You can easily rent the best vacation rental homes without service fee and by not spending lots of money. Also, you won’t need to book through our website. You can contact the property owner on your own regarding booking and other facilities. All the property owners/managers are verified and experienced in renting. At very low cost, you can rent whole house for additional space, complete security & freedom.

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