Scottsdale Vacation Rentals

Scottsdale, Arizona, is known as the 'west's most western town'! Because the town has been able to keep its culture and identity intact despite being the premier tourist destination. If you are the kind who likes enjoying vacation with the sun in tow, then you are in good company; the Sonoran Desert sun. Scottsdale is no longer a sleepy old west city as it is transforming it into a modern resort town while keeping all that good old western spirits intact. Scottsdale is a posh vacation spot located in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley that is blessed with over 325 days of sunshine. That makes Scottsdale the 'sun capital'.
Scottsdale is rich with restaurants, cultural and historical attractions, museums, and activities that you might expect from a swanky cosmopolitan area. Scottsdale has lots of outdoor activities like tennis, golfing, sight-seeing, hiking, shopping, and whitewater rafting for those with supercharged adrenalin stock to exhaust.
Want to see history sleeping? Come to Scottsdale and Paradise Valley and see for yourself! Scottsdale and Paradise Valley has a rich heritage of Native Americans and Old West mining towns.  If you care to get a glimpse of the region's past, it is the Heard Museum in nearby Phoenix that's gonna be of help. It has the most extensive collections of Native American art in the Southwest with more than 35,000 pieces in a collection titled We Are Arizona's First People; an interactive gallery describing the past, present, and future of Arizona's 21 tribal communities. Want top revel in contemporary art? A visit to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art will do. The museum displays modern and contemporary art, architecture, and design in five galleries from sources around the globe. The highlights of the museum include an outdoor sculpture garden and a public 'skyspace' for viewing the dance of light in the canvas of desert sky.