Montego Bay Vacation Rentals

Montego Bay is Jamaica's second city in size and importance, but it is the island's tourism capital. It boasts the most hotel accommodation, the most transport facilities and is a cosmopolitan holiday center, offering a wide choice of amenities and vacation rentals. It was the fabulous Doctor's Cave Beach which attracted celebrities from all over the world first to Montego Bay and made it known as a vacation destination. The Beach is said to be fed by mineral springs. Walter Fletcher Beach is closest to town on Gloucester Avenue. A little beyond Doctor's Cave is Cornwall Beach. Tropical Beach and Rose Hall Beach lie further out of town. City streets in Montego Bay are colorful and lively.
The architecture in Montego Bay area is a mixture of last-century 'gingerbread' wooden houses and with modern buildings. Holiday Village, to the east, in front of Holiday Inn, is the largest shopping center in Montego Bay, with many in-bond stores, souvenir and craft stores, all within walking distance. The village also boasts an art gallery. The 'Coral See' is a boat with an air conditioned underwater viewing compartment which allows the traveler to watch the wonders of the Montego Bay Marine Park. On the western side of the harbour is the Montego Freeport. This Caribbena holiday destination also offers other vacation spots, such as Treasure Beach and Port Antonio.