South Padre Island Vacation Rentals

Horses in Texas are usually associated with cowboys donning their Stetsons and performing riding and roping in the vast ranches. If you believe in this stereotype, it is time to change your notions as you get to see horses minus cowboys, and that too in beaches! Welcome to South Padre Island, where the old west meets beaches, and you need not to wear your denim and boots after unpacking your suitcase in cool and cozy South Padre Island vacation rentals either!  Gulf Coast, the region where South Padre Island is located in a popular destination for vacationers who wish to enjoy everything that Texas is not usually associated with - say beaches, fishing, building sand castles, and visiting art museums! 
South Padre Island offers guests of South Padre Island Vacation Rentals an assortment of water sports that include surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, and even windsurfing. Apart from guests of South Padre Island vacation rentals, holidaymakers staying in Rockport Vacation Rentals and Surfside Beach Vacation Rentals frequent South Padre Island to enjoy its treasures, wet!
Nightlife in South Padre Island is much more than your imagination as it is live music, bars, and sports bars with dartboards and pool tables that let you unwind in style as the Texan sun goes down for the day!  
The dining scene in South Padre Island is indeed a spellbinding one, both taste wise and settings wise! Guests of South Padre Island vacation rentals with a passion for fine taste can enjoy numerous restaurants that serve everything from fresh seafood specialties to sizzling southwestern delights. If fishing is what you need to do in Texas, all you need to do is to head to South Padre Island, and pick your fishing charter, and enjoy deep sea fishing or bay fishing. Guests of South Padre Island Vacation Rentals who wish to enjoy marine life minus a fishing rod can also head to the waters and enjoy marine ecology tours, or enjoy watching dolphins.