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Vacation Homes in Cantabria

Why Famous
  • Bovine meat is very popular in Cantabria.
  • One of the most popular is the lean and juicy Tudanca beef.
  • The first written reference to the name Cantabria emerges around the year.
Facts Destination

  • Cantabria is the richest region in the world in archaeological sites from the Upper Paleolithic period.
  • Cantabria belongs to the Green Spain, the name given to the strip of land between the Cantabrian Sea and the Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain.


Area Info

  • Cantabria is a Spanish historical region and autonomous community.
  • Capital: Santander
  • Santander, the capital city of the province is located mid way along the Cantabrian coast.


Why Visit

  • The typical Cantabrian has a very sweet tooth and wherever the traveller stops to eat.
  • The beaches of Santander in summer are exactly what you would expect from a city that seems to care for the environment as does this one.
  • Arnuero, 37 kilometers from Santander is beautiful town close to the capital city.
Best Time
  • best time of the year to visit the city is in July and August.
  • There are no extreme highs during the summer and no freezing lows during the winter.  This means that it is comfortable, in terms of temperature at least, to visit the area at any time of the year.
  • An interesting case is the Cantabrian village of Tresviso.
  • Santander Airport
  • Cantabrian Motorway (Autovía A-8, European route E-70)
  • Cantabria-Meseta Motorway (Autovía A-67) (in construction)
  • Narrow-gauge railway Santander-Oviedo (FEVE)
  • Narrow-gauge railway Santander-Bilbao (FEVE)
  • Broad-gauge railway Santander-Palencia-Valladolid-Ávila-Madrid (RENFE)
  • Broad-gauge high-speed railway Santander-Torrelavega-Valladolid-Segovia-Madrid (RENFE)
  • Ferry line Santander-Plymouth
  • Port of Santander
  • The traditional sport of Cantabria is the game of balls in its four forms: Bolo Palma, pasabolo tablón, pasabolo losa and bolo pasiego.
  • The Pasiegan jump is another of the outstanding rural sports of Cantabria.
  • The Region of Cantabria is very rich in history
  • The most traditional drink of the region is \"orujo\", a strong liquor which is prepared using old traditional methods, distilling it drop by drop.
  • The most important Spanish Cattle Trade Fair is held in this region: the National Trade Fair of Cattle from Torrelavega.