North West Florida Vacation Rentals

Northwest Florida in U.S.A, is actually a strip of land about 50-100 miles wide and 200 miles long, lying or stretching between Georgia on the north, Alabama on the west and also north, and Gulf of Mexico lying to its south. Another name for this northwestern part of Florida, however, unofficial and informal term is Florida Panhandle. Their boundary to the eastern part is arbitrarily defined. Panhandle is today generally synonymous with West Florida and Northwest Florida, although the name of West Florida bear its resemblance and literally to the British colony and later to a Spanish colony, both included Florida west of modern day of the Apalachiola River and portions of Mississipi, Louisiana and Alabama as well. Talking about references to Florida Panhandle, it always includes several countries to the west of Apalachiola River, creating a geographic boundary between East and West Florida.