Top 10 Deserts in the World

September 21, 2018

1. Sahara Desert, Northern Africa
The crown jewel of the deserts – Sahara is the largest one in the world. It features more than nine million square kilometres and it covers almost the whole territory of Northern Africa. Sahara can be compared to the continent of Europe or the United States. From the Mediterranean coast to the Red Sea and to the Atlantic Ocean, the stunning Sahara has lied upon. With its giant temperature amplitudes and golden sands, this desert is never boring. The miles of sands are diversified by rock formations, caves, gorges and dry river valleys. The name "Sahara" is actually related to the Arabic word for desert and we can all agree that this is "The Desert".
2. Taklamakan Desert, Central Asia
Taklamakan Desert covers more than 270,000 square kilometres along the river Tarim in the central part of Asia. It is crossed on both ends by the Silk Path. Some ancient temples, mummies and oasis spots made by Turkic, Mongol, Tibetan and Chinese people who have crossed the desert were revealed. One of the most amazing places in the Taklamakan Desert is the Dunhuang grotto that features stunning Buddhist artefacts. This intriguing desert has a name that reflects its character. Taklamakan means "place of no return" as it is really unlikely for the inexperienced not to lose themselves into this vast spectacular sand field.
3. Arabian Desert, Arabian Peninsula
From the Persian Gulf to Oman, Jordan, Iraq and Yemen lies the marvellous Arabian Desert. It features more than 2,000,000 square kilometres of the Arabian Peninsula. This desert is far more explored as it has been used as source of oil, limestone, granite and etc. However, the human activities in some regions have led to protection of certain areas and spices. In the Arabian Desert you will find many cities located around springs and draw wells. Many parts of this endless sand field are accessible by roads and you can even ride a camel or live like the locals. Explore the unpredictable Arabian Desert, it changes but the striking view is guaranteed.
4. Gobi Desert, Mongolia
The largest desert in Asia, Gobi is everything but boring. With its fine colours that change with the day light, stunning sky and vast expanses, this speechless landscape is really amazing. At some places there are scattered yurts (homes of Mongolian). Located between Siberia and Tibet, Gobi has mysterious look. Maybe it is due to the legend according which the place was cursed by a driven out Mongolian wizard. Or maybe it is because some parts of the desert have orange and red sands, because of which Gobi is often called "flaming cliffs". However, this place is home to the beautiful snow leopard and was once home to dinosaurs. Dive into this ever changing desert field.
5. Salar de Uyuni Desert, Bolivia
The largest salt desert in the world, Salar de Uyuni will completely take your breath away. You will wonder how a place called desert can have such natural phenomena and striking views. This is one truly unique site on Earth. The crystal-clear water that reflects the clouds on the sky will deceive your understanding which is sky and which – land. Visiting this place will convince you in the endless beauty of our planet. Flat and crystal, covered with salt, Salar de Uyuni is the ultimate tourist destination in Bolivia. Don't miss the chance to explore this colourful and fairy-tale-like Salar de Uyuni desert!
6. Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa
Kalahari Desert is one of the most spectacular deserts in the world. It lies in the region between Botswana and Namibia. Kalahari is often described as rocky desert or not a genuine one as it has much rainfall although very sporadic. This desert will enchant you with its golden grass and reddish dunes. In those 900,000 square kilometres of limitless nature you will meet giraffes, cheetahs, leopards and lions. Once populated by the forefathers of the Bushmen tribe, Kalahari has numerous rocks decorated with their art. Some of the local nationalities even believe that the magical Kalahari Desert is where the past generations' spirits are gathered.
7. Great Victoria Desert, Australia
The Great Victoria is the largest Australian desert. It spreads over more than 420,000 square kilometres. Even though it receives some rainfalls, Great Victoria is not the right place for permanent settlement. However, it is a great option to explore it as a tourist site. Named after the British queen Victoria, this picturesque vast field is home to spices distinctive for the area. The desert features small but charming sand hills and salt lakes. Go to the Coober Pedy – one of the biggest attractions in Great Victoria desert – a city into the rocks.
8. Patagonian Desert, Argentina
The Patagonian Desert is located between the Andes mountain chain and the Atlantic Ocean. It features great part of Argentina and smaller one of Chile. With its 670,000 square kilometres, this cold and often frosty desert was once a rainforest that had been flooded by lava. Today, you can still see some of the well-preserved fossil trees. Patagonian Desert owes its allure to the various rock formations sculpted by the wind and the prehistoric paintings in its caves. This cold desert is the embodiment of a mystic and spiritual place. Maybe it is because of the wind and the flights of the condors which echo into the Patagonian Desert’s silence.
9. Mojave Desert, USA
Mojave Desert is a picturesque desert located in the United States. It features territories of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. The name of the desert originates from the Native American tribe that used to inhabit the area. Mojave is known as the hottest spot in the North America continent. The desert also features the American landmark Grand Canyon and the Death Valley, both offering incredibly striking views. Explore the vast and dry American fields and you will come across wolves, cougars, golden eagles and ghost towns from the Golden Rush. Experience Mojave as there are no words to describe it!
10. Antarctica Desert, Antarctica
Antarctica desert is the coldest one in the world. It is located in the Antarctica continent on the South Pole. This snowy desert will fascinate you with its mountain chains, lakes and glaciers. Exploring this endless white filed, you will meet penguins, seals, albatross and snow petrels. This winter desert will entertain you with ice diving, berg-climbing, kayaking and camping if you are into extreme sports in extreme temperatures. One interesting fact about Antarctica desert is that it is the driest and the wettest place on Earth at the same time as its surface is constantly covered with ice. Indulge into the white infinity of Antarctica desert.

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