February 05, 2019

A guest post about Marathon, Florida Keys Vacations

Sandals and shorts is not the name of a cocktail (who knows which bartender with a grotesque flair is going to come up with one) but it is the dress code of Marathon, Florida Keys. Okay, coming back to the track, Marathon was my latest destination and the days spent there are definitely scrappable! Do I smell fish? I smell fish and that is my problem as it was fishing and more fishing that kept me occupied in Marathon. Could you imagine catching a fish that reminds you about King Kong minus the roar? Well, I didn't catch one, but I saw a guy grinning with all his big teeth as he displayed his big catch in front of the camera clicking away.
Seven Mile Bridge caught my imagination here (quite obvious don't you see, coz it is seven miles of a bridge that you are looking at) and it is a runner's challenge as well. I tried my bit here and look at me, I completed a mile and a half in record time, which I would not like to disclose!
I even had a great tanning time at Marathon and the sun gave me the best tan, which made me look like David Hasselhoff and the looks I got were screaming 'deadly'. 
With such tan, great seafood, and beachfront marathon vacation rentals, days flew like magic and I am thinking of tickets again!

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