Top 10 Escapade Trips To Choose In Africa

February 05, 2019

If you already know the Top 10 escapade trips to choose in Africa - tight the backpacks and go explore the wildest side of this continent with the greatest outdoor adventures. They are these adventures that range from walking safaris in the savannahs to photographing drive trips within the lush tropical jungles or simply bird watching within the equatorial forests. Africa is perhaps the most exotic and diverse continent, and it keeps lot of secrets to explore. However, if you don`t already know your own lovely destination for the next trip - take a pick of the Top 10 escapade trips to chose in Africa and you might definitely find your own lovely place. Or else, escape to a number of places, especially the ones that are located in a close proximity or just at the border of the surrounding country. The first place for magical African escapades is one of the smallest countries on the continent, yet one of the most beautiful ones - Rwanda.
1. Rwanda
Rwanda is located right in the heart of Africa and only about a hundred kilometers south of the equator. It`s one of the smallest countries on the continent, but it has it all. The beautiful blue shores of Lake Kivu from the one side, plenty of steep over 2,000 meters tall mountains from the other side, plenty of rivers, plenty of plains and lush green jungles within the national parks. Imagine the different wildlife within all these abundant scenic natural wonders, full of colours, textures, sounds and variety. You may probably see the giant long necks of the giraffes perching high on top the green equatorial trees or the masking black and white stripes of the zebras running across the shores of a river. There are plenty of beautiful wildlife vistas to see during a trip to Rwanda, especially within Akagera National Park.
2. Libya
Libya is one of the largest countries in all over Africa and so its beautiful natural wonders are numerous. Most of them are located along the Mediterranean coast, because almost the entire country enjoys the desert landscaping of Sahara. The capital city Tripoli is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful one, thanks to the awesome seafront from the one side and the golden endless deserts along the outskirts from the other side. Even a couple of days might be enough to enjoy the beautiful infinite skyline of the sea and then transport yourself to the southern side of the city, where stretches the endless vibrant orange horizon of another sea - the desert. There are also plenty of small tranquil communities where to explore the traditional notes and legacies that depict all the buildings, stones or cultural landmarks.
3. South Africa
The southernmost extremity of Africa offers a completely different experience during your exciting escapes. It comes to a gigantic country with all the types of terrains - from deserts to mountains, green plains and the waterfronts of two oceans. Cape Town, for example, is one of the largest cities in South Africa and there you can take full advantage of all your comforts for an unforgettable escape. The appealing places to put high on your trip list are maybe countless, but the panoramic vistas from Green Point or around the footsteps of Lion`s Head peak are unsurpassed. Another idea to enjoy the most breathtaking and comprehensive vistas is just to enjoy a scenic helicopter or a plane tour up in the sky of Cape Town.
4. Gambia
At the edge between the tropical jungles and the endless deserts along the northeastern coast of Africa stretches a real watery wonderland for unforgettable escapades. It`s the small, but exceptionally picturesque country of Gambia, which spans all across the both banks of a river with the same name, and all alongside the riverfront you can come across a variety of national parks and wildlife reserves. There are even beaches with fine sands shaded by tall green palms, but the ocean coast offers the most adventurous beach experience. Along the waterfront of the capital Banjul or along the coasts of the big city of Serrekunda, for example, are situated some of the best beaches in this part of Africa.
5. Cabo Verde
For an even more exotic and beautiful water experience - escape to Cabo Verde. It is a small country of numerous islands and islets, which stretch nearly 600 kilometers off the coasts of Gambia and northeastern Africa. There, you can take full advantage of a wonderful sense of isolation and seclusion, as well as enjoy plenty of outdoor escapes in style. From the giant beaches and mystical shipwrecks along the coasts of Boa Vista Island, to a climbing adventure within the steep mountains on Santiago Island or a trip within the noisy capital Praia, which stretches within an earshot distance from the mountains - there are plenty of things to do and see on these yet remote exotic islands.
6. Ghana
Ghana is one of the largest countries along the northern shore of Gulf of Guinea, as well as picture perfect place for African escapades. The equatorial vegetation will surprise you with plenty of hidden shaded inlets, coves and lakes, while the green colours embrace most of the jingle areas of the country. Respectively, they cover most of the country`s area and so the outdoor adventures range from jungle expeditions, to wildlife viewing and boating. The gulf coast offers a completely different scenery, thanks to a series of small and big towns with huge harbours, marinas and a dense urbanization. The capital Accra also stretches along the coast and it is a paradise for adventure trips in the city to explore the urban charm of this yet wild equatorial African country.
7. Sahara
Undoubtedly, Sahara desert is the largest natural landmark for adventure escapes in Africa, because it covers almost the entire northern portion of the continent. Some of the largest countries in Africa also stretch throughout different portions of Sahara to create a vast array of different places to take a pick for your desert escapade. They are these beautiful diverse desert landscapes, which range from endless wavy dunes with gigantic scales, to steep brown rocks that rise vertically over the deserts or beautiful green oasis places hidden within the most unusual corners, or small villages with ancient stone buildings.
8. Morocco
The gigantic town of Fes in northern Morocco is a wonderful place to dive yourself in the historical charm of this beautiful country, as well as take full advantage of all the contemporary amenities in a big modern city. History and modernity mix in Fes to create a truly unique and beautiful cityscape atmosphere, where the local traditional stores, food markets, craft shops and other cultural landmarks originate from a quite long time ago. The most impressive experience overwhelms the Old City of Fes or the medina, where stretch numerous minarets and constructions of the most famous landmarks in all over the city.
9. Gabon
Gabon spans alongside the eastern shore of Gulf of Guinea and its huge territory is full of beautiful green national parks with equatorial wildlife. The equator crosses almost throughout the middle of the country and so you can take full advantage of a journey within the northern and southern hemispheres with only a short impromptu trip. Meanwhile, you can spot some of the giants of Africa such as elephants, buffalo and hippos or numerous monkeys such as gorillas and chimpanzees.
10. Senegal
The coast of Senegal covers the western extremity of Africa and there is located the capital city Dakar. As the main and largest city in all over the country, Dakar offers a wonderful city experience and definitely lot of opts for exploration adventures. A trip within the old cityscapes is enough to reveal the ancient markets with souvenir shops and other traditional craft shops, while Dakar Cathedral is one of the most famous historical landmarks to include in your trip too. Another great idea is to enjoy a short boat trip to Goree Island just offshore the harbour and you will find a real paradise atmosphere with pebbly beaches, modern residential houses, clean streets, panoramic squares…
The top-notch destinations for adventure safari escapes in Africa are truly numerous and everywhere, but the amazing mix of nature, cultural legacies, wildlife and stunning landscapes combine together to create the Top 10 escapade trips to chose in Africa. They are these beautiful ten places in all over the continent, which are best for family escapes, adventure escapes, relaxing escapes, wildlife watching escapes, safari driven escapes, romantic escapes or just an escape from your usual everyday life. The Top 10 escapade trips in this list will become your own lovely destinations to enjoy in Africa and a great idea is to have a solid memory card for your camera to memorialize all the exciting adventures that await you there.

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