Top 10 America's Dog-Friendly Beaches

September 28, 2018

Your getaway will change into a truly special and amusing getaway if you escape with your dog to a special place. Your getaway will also change into an exciting and unforgettable adventure if you escape to one of the Top 10 American beaches to take your dog, because they feature unique exotic settings, encompassing sandy dunes and playground areas full of sticks. Meanwhile, the warm blue waves of the ocean and the caressing warm sunshine rays can change your getaway into a real outdoor adventure with running competitions along the waves or playing with Frisbee maybe. Not to mention that a trip with the pet is always a great occasion to spend some lovely romantic time with your beloved or maybe to take stunning photos, or maybe to relax in style. All that you want to do during your escape on the beach, it can be done quite more excitingly with the dog, especially when you choose your favorite beaches from this list.
1. Fort Desoto Beach, Florida
Fort Desoto Park in the southernmost part of St. Petersburg city in Florida is the next appealing spot to keep high on your trip list. This park is quite remote and quieter than the parks in the big bustling city, as well as located within only about a dozen miles from the Downtown. It soars over the area of a huge island with numerous islets and waterways, while only one road connects the island with the mainland. There, you will be in the middle of a huge exotic paradise with campgrounds, picnic areas, walking trails, panoramic vistas and opts for countless outdoor adventures. Of course, the beach that edges the southern corner of the island is the greatest attraction in Fort Desoto Park and it has the same name.

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2. Cape San Blas, Florida
At the edge of northwestern Florida, you can take full advantage of another myriad of opts for dog games, thanks to Cape San Blas and its huge sandy beach. It`s perfect for sunbathing, relaxation or reading books, but there is nothing to surpass a dog meeting with friends and loved ones. The entire cape overlooks lush green palm trees that stretch high above the skyline to create the fanciest feel of a natural isolation and so the entire Cape San Blas looks like a gigantic dog park with countless playgrounds. For example, let`s take the beach – walking or sunbathing are only a few pastimes that await you. Let`s take the cozy fresh shadows of the palm trees along the beach – they are best to hide from the overwhelming sunshine and enjoy plenty of chilled moments with your pet. Or else, let`s take the sunsets from the beach – they always make Cape San Blas a blasting place for outdoor natural inspirations.

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3. Imperial Beach, San Diego, California
Imperial Beach village is a small peaceful community with a fine golden beach, which is scenically located within the southernmost outskirts of San Diego and respectively – at the edge of America. It`s a small beach city, but it has it all – from beautiful lodgings and summertime amenities, to rivers, a wildlife refuge complexes, an encompassing beach, a panoramic long pier and more. The hustle and bustle on the beach offers a completely contrasting atmosphere, but it can easily change into the most exciting and amusing atmosphere while playing Frisbee with your dog at the edge of the waves and under the warm exotic summertime sunshine. The best thing is that the summertime continues almost throughout the year in Imperial Beach.
4. Del Mar Beach, San Diego, California
In Del Mar Beach that soars along the northern outskirts of San Diego is located another tempting place for dog walks and beach adventures. It`s a huge beach which edges a small serene resort community, while huge rocky cliffs that edge the entire beach offer a perfect isolation from the yet urban noisy village, especially in the summertime.

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5. Jekyll Island Beach: Jekyll Island, Georgia
Leashed dogs are allowed on Driftwood Beach, with leashes no longer than 16 feet. Dogs are not permitted to run free out of concern for the protection of nesting migratory birds and sea turtles. Dogs are also permitted “anywhere north of South Dunes Picnic Area,” although the beaches are narrow and may be inaccessible at high tide.
6. Fort Funston, San Francisco, California
Playing with Frisbee and running in the waves is another major attraction in Fort Funston State Park in California. Scenically locates along the ocean coast of San Francisco and only a couple of miles from the Downtown, Fort Funston will become your favorite attraction to visit or at least stop by every weekend. It`s a place, which is naturally isolated from the one side by the ocean, while numerous golf courses and a huge lake bounds the park from the other side. There is only fine golden sands and lush green vegetation to enjoy, while a quite great distance of the beach offers a perfect fit for playing with the dogs. A rugged landscaping with green rocky slopes and striking panoramic views can seduce you to stroll around the park and enjoy the greatest hike that you can imagine or maybe to get out with friends and their dogs, or maybe enjoy the coastal winds that are perfect for a game of Frisbee, or seek and you shall find more!
7. Rosie’s Dog Beach: Long Beach, California
The Dog Zone is along Ocean Boulevard between Roycroft and Argonne Avenues, but it is not fenced in and is not a dedicated dog beach. Dogs are permitted between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day. Dogs must be under visual and voice control, and owners must have a leash to use whenever the dog is outside the Dog Zone. No food of any kind is permitted.
8. Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, Oregon
This beautiful natural masterpiece stretches along the southern corner of the Oregon`s coastline, as well offers a completely different scenery to enjoy with your dog. There, the beach is accessible only with a walking trip after a disconnection from the coastal highway, while a nearly 1,000 ft. tall green mountains offer a stunning vibrant backdrop from the one side. The other side, of course, enjoys the infinite blue horizon of the ocean, except the calm blue waters of Crook Creek and plenty of other smaller creeks hidden within the green trees.
9. St. George Island, Florida
While in a resort village along the northwestern Gulf coast of Florida, make sure to escape for a few hours of for a while to St. George Island. It`s one of the greatest and most beautiful barrier islands in this part of the state, as well as enjoys a scenic resort community with awesome accommodations and, most of all, a dozen-mile long fine gorgeous golden sandy beach, perfect for running adventures with the family and the pets.
10. Carmel City Beach, California
The sweeping ocean views from Carmel city are also unsurpassed, especially when you enjoy them with the dog and your kids. Nevertheless, that really makes Carmel City Beach a perfect place for dog walks, is an encompassing white sand beach that overlooks the ocean and it`s shaded by lush tropical vegetation from the other side.
A trip with the dog in the park or just a short impromptu trip along the street atmosphere, or maybe along the riverfront with its numerous green shaded corners – there are plenty of places to take your dog and enjoy a wonderful getaway experience. However, the beach is always another irresistible destination for joyful games with the pets, especially if you dog loves to play with sticks, Frisbees, as well as run along sands and waves. The awesome opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle in the big city offers and even greater advantage of your escape, while the dazzling touch of the exotic sun`s hand is a dazzling touch of coziness. Then add the sound of the sparkling ocean waves and the dozens of miles of encompassing beaches that dot the coasts of the U.S. and you will get a clear picture of the best beaches for playing with dogs and pets outdoors. They are the Top 10 American beaches to take your dog and they will make your escape trip unforgettable. 

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